Home Working Seating Solutions

Purchase one of these carefully selected Albion chairs from MB Upholstery for delivery direct to your home.

Seating that ensures correct posture and promotes well-being is as important in the home as it is in the office.

Building on years of experience in designing office chairs, Albion has developed several seating and desking solutions for a domestic setting:

Price Sensitive User: P3 Model

– Entry level pricing but full contract, VDU use compatible
– Ideal for users up to 5’10″(1.75 metres) and less than 15 stones (95 kgs)
– Price includes delivery to your usual premises or direct to your customer
– Easy assembly as only spindle and base need to be fitted into the underseat chassis (instructions included)


P3- £130+Vat Includes Delivery

Ergonomic & Multiple Users: Uni Bundle range

– In particular the UNI1A, UNI4A, UNI8A and the UNI12A
– All four chairs adjust for seat depth, seat and back tilt, backrest height (ratchet), height adjustable arms and offer additional lumbar support
– Different back size, shape and cost but same everything else
– Chairs provide all the functionality users have become accustomed to in their office chairs
– Will provide relief for home workers who are working at a non-standard desk as well as for those who are sharing the chair with other users
– Puts ergonomics front and centre with 13 possible styles


UNI1A – £145+Vat Includes Delivery


UNI4A – £180+Vat Includes Delivery


UNI8A – £257+Vat Includes Delivery


UNI12A – £199+Vat Includes Delivery

Chronic Back Pain User: SD4 & SD6

– Ideal for those suffering from chronic bad back pain
-Incorporates airbag pumps in the sacral, lumbar and thoracic areas of the spine, mounted on our 2-way adjustable mechanism
– Memory foam in the seat and back
– Multi-functional height adjustable arms
– Bespoke seat and back measurements
– Virtual assessments can be conducted online

SD4 – £698+Vat Includes Delivery


SD6 – £645+Vat Includes Delivery

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